Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance makes sure you are protected even after a devastating loss exceeds your other insurance policy liability limits.

Peace of mind for your family and your assets.

A lawsuit can be financially devastating to you and your family. Your homeowner and auto limits could fall short if you are faced with a lawsuit or an at-fault accident or injury. An umbrella policy gives you an extra layer of protection over your home and auto policies.

Coverage Highlights

Liability CoverageClaims that exceed the liability limits of your auto or home policy are covered with umbrella insurance.
Personal Injury CoverageProtects you against libel, slander, character defamation, and mental anguish.
Legal Expense CoverageCovers your attorney fees and other expenses associated with fighting claims filed against you.

Are you fully covered?

If you have don't have a plan for any of the situations below, consider speaking with a Southern Trust Insurance Agent to learn how to protect yourself with a Southern Trust Umbrella policy.

  • You are involved in an at-fault car accident. The other party’s injuries are severe and exceed your auto policy limits.
  • Your neighbor is housesitting and caring for your dog while you are out of town. Your dog becomes aggressive and bites the house sitter. You are sued for medical expenses and damages.
  • You child is unhappy with their teacher and takes to social media with unfavorable comments about that teacher. You are sued for slander.